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The recording equipment is constituted in such a way that all musical combinations, from the solo instrument to the full orchestra, can be recorded in stereo or surround sound to 96 kHz 32 bit for all current media (CD, DVD Audio, or SACD) with mobile multitrack equipment. In my selection of equipment and especially of microphones and their preamplifiers I pursue the goal of capacity for the recording of the playing and sound characteristics of the artists without distortion and with high authenticity in relation to the original sound. Therefore, I have long operated with the equipment indicated below but am also happy at any time to take special wishes into consideration and, if necessary, to complement this equipment to meet current demands.

Selections from the recording equipment:

  • Neumann
    (KM 100 Serie, KM180 Serie, TLM 127 large-diaphragm)
  • Brüel & Kjaer
    (DPA 4006 omnidirectional)
  • Schoeps

  • Lake People Empa V26
  • Lake People F366
  • Studer

  • RME ADI8 DS ( up to 96kHz )

Mixing Consoles:
  • Studer 961
  • Tascam DM24
  • Tascam DM3200
  • Yamaha

  • Genex GX 8000 ( up to 24bit 48kHz )
  • Tascam MX 2424 ( up to 24bit 96kHz )
  • DAW Magix Sequoia ( up to 32bit 96kHz )
  • Tascam DA88 ( up to 16bit 48kHz )

  • Quad ESL 63
  • B&W Nautilus 803 (Surroundmonitoring)

  • SADiE 24/96 Disk Editor
  • Magix Sequoia V.10